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 Public Speaking

To give back to the business community, I provide free training, educational seminars and speaking engagements to various businesses and companies, partnerships, community service groups, non-profits and conference organizers.  Please find below a partial list of available topics and sample PowerPoint files.

  1. Sample PresentationsSee other page
  2. Other Legal/Human Titles and Presentations
    1. Garage Start Ups: What to Know Before You Begin
    2. Before You Quit: Read the Non-Compete
    3. To Be or Not To Be: Entity Formation (LLC vs S Corp vs Partnership vs Et Al)
    4. Executive Perks: Getting Your Share of the Executive Package: Executive Contracts
    5. First Let’s Kill All the Attorneys: When to Ignore the Bard
    6. Operating Agreements and By Laws: Penny Wisdom and Pound Foolishness
    7. Terms and Conditions: The Fine Print Can Kill You
    8. Service Agreements: A Bad One Can Ruin Your Whole Year
    9. Should I Sue? The Pros and Cons of Going to Court
    10. Legal Ethics: Huffing and Puffing vs. Lying
    11. Employees: How to Hire, Fire and Most Importantly Engage Your Employees
    12. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork: Reducing the Tsunami
    13. The Employee Manual: More Than Just Words on Paper
    14. I Just Got Fired by the World’s Greatest Boss: How to Be That Boss
    15. Down Sizing: When Necessary, How to Handle the Awfulness
    16. Family Owned Business: How to Fire Your Spouse!
    17. Raising the Titanic: Disaster Prevention and Recovery Protocols
    18. When You Lose a Key Employee: Now What?!?
    19. It Takes a Village: How & When to Fire Yourself (From Some Things, but not Everything)
    20. Risk Analysis: It’s the Height Not the Size of the Wire Which Counts


3.   Financials and Operations

  1. Money, Money, Money: The Cash Cycle
  2. Credit Cards: Reducing Fraud and Write Offs
  3. AR Practice: Invoice Fast, Invoice Often
  4. Over-Exposed: How to Manage Credit Risk
  5. AR Management: Policies and Practices to Collect Without Annoying Customers
  6. AR Management: To Sue or Not To Sue, That is the Question: Pros and Cons
  7. AP Management: The Art of the Delay
  8. The Smart of SMART#
  9. KPIs and SMART#: Why They Matter
  10. The Data Centric vs. the Emotion Centric Boss
  11. Financial Statements for Dummies
  12. Cash is King: Monitoring Cash Flow
  13. Profits Aren’t Everything, They the Only Thing
  14. A Fool’s Errand: Running Your Business From the Checkbook
  15. Banking: The Rule of Three (In, Out, Hold Accounts)
  16. Banking: How to Finance Your Business
  17. Banking: You Can’t Get a Loan Until You Don’t Need It (and Possible Alternatives)
  18. Budgeting: Begin With the End in Mind
  19. Budgeting: Static vs. Rolling vs. Throw-It-All-Away: It’s the Thought That Counts
  20. Budgeting: Variance Analysis for Dummies
  21. Budgeting: If It Can Go Wrong, It Will Go Wrong
  22. Ready, Fire, Aim: The Advantages (and Disadvantages of) Acting First and Thinking Later
  23. Internal Fraud & Embezzlement: It’s the Octogenarian in Accounting Who Steals!

If you or your organization would like to arrangement for one of these free presentations, please reach use my Contacts Page.